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LEAFIES Set - Viola, bronze

LEAFIES Set - Viola, bronze

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LEAFIES for those you love
The gesture of a flower, but slightly different.

With LEAFIES you give a small gift with a unique, lasting value. Let someone else know that you love, miss or find him or her special. Surprise your loved one with a unique and lasting gift.

The package is designed in such a way that it easily fits through the letterbox.

The LEAFIES are inspired by the organic shapes of plants, made of thin metal and in different colors. They last a lifetime and do fine without a drop of water. So endless!

The LEAFIES really come to life when you subtly fold and bend the thin metal leaves, creating a unique organic shape in an instant. The leaves are produced locally, so sustainable Dutch Design.

The neutral appearance makes them suitable for any interior and all those occasions where you want to give someone special attention, such as congratulations or as a token of sympathy.

Do you want to surprise someone with LEAFIES? Then choose the option to send this gift set with a card and a personal message.

Complete in one go. So easy.


Leafie: Viola bronze
Kraft paper bag: black
Personal message: Leafie!
and a bag of filling sand

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