At the beginning of 2020, the idea came to designer Jan Willem van Elten for LEAFIES.

“I had been looking for an "artificial flower or leaf" for some time without immediately making a one-on-one copy of something that nature can do much better. I was looking for the abstraction of the leaf. I have used my imagination given free rein and thus designed the leafie family.”

When Corona literally overtook us, the moment had arrived to develop my ideas and share them with the world. Corona demands a lot from everyone and there was more and more distance between people. LEAFIES are an accessible way to cheer someone up and support them from a distance.

ontwerper Jan Willem van Elten met een leafie

The gesture of a flower, but slightly different. LEAFIES are unique and forever and you never have to water them.

Don't mince your words, but tell it with LEAFIES.

Jan Willem van Elten

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Leafies is a unique Dutch product in which sustainability, nature and emotion come together. The designs are inspired by the natural shapes of plants and made of thin metal. Leafies are feather light, flexible and available in various natural colours. The leaves are subtly detailed. You can place them standalone in a pot or bag or place several in a group as decoration. Even the filling material with which you can fix a Leafie is included in the overall concept. Due to the coating, Leafies are also suitable for outdoor use.

The possibilities of Leafies are limitless. The lightweight material and limited size make it possible to send a Leafie in a letterbox package. You can choose from different cards that you can provide with a personal message. The neutral appearance makes them suitable for all those occasions when you want to give someone special attention: congratulations, personal attention or as a token of sympathy. Leafies are also a special product for business applications. You can use them as a promotional gift, token of appreciation or for decorative purposes.

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