mothers Day

- May 12th -

Moederdag presentje met blijvende waarde

Leafies ... flowers for every mother

Something common or are you going for something special?

Do you recognize yourself in this? Every year you try to find something special, something timeless, to give to your mother for Mother's Day. And then we simply end up with the most common gifts such as chocolate, a bouquet or a scent. How about finding something truly original to give to her this time? A gift that lasts, so that she has a beautiful memory that she can think back on with great pleasure and love.

A flower but still different

Do you want to give something special to your mother or mother-in-law this Mother's Day?

Here you can find the creative designs of Jan Willem van Elten. Inspired by the organic shapes of flowers and plants. The leaves are made of thin metal and can be bent in such a way that an organic shape is created, which brings the leaf to "life".

Leafy plants that remain

Each leafie has the option to purchase it as a single or in a gift set. Both are sent in a nice box and fit through the letterbox. In addition to the leafie, this contains a Kraft paper bag, a bag of filling sand and a card with a personal message to wish your mother all the love she so deserves.

All leafies are ideal for when you really want to give something special.

Mother's Day is certainly one of those moments!

Mom is the sweetest person in the whole world!