Don't mince your words, say it with Leafies

Do you want to congratulate, thank or cheer someone up and are you looking for a suitable gift? Then consider sending LEAFIES. These stylish leaves fit perfectly through the letterbox, do not need water and bloom all year round. Where a bunch of flowers provides temporary joy, LEAFIES provide a lasting memory.

A LEAF gesture

Sometimes you want to do something to cheer someone up, but you don't really know what. With LEAFIES you deliver a portion of happiness to your doorstep. They are durable, decorative, last a lifetime and do well without water. The leaves are inspired by the organic shapes of flowers and plants and made of thin metal. You can hang LEAFIES , lay them down or put them in a jar with sand. They come to life when you fold and bend the leaves, creating a suitable shape in an instant. You can send them together with a card. If you put an inspiring message on the card , LEAFIES will provide the lasting memory.

LEAFIES for those you love

Jan Willem van Elten is the creative brain behind LEAFIES. He had been thinking about designing an artificial flower or leaf for some time. When Corona hit us, he decided to develop his ideas, resulting in LEAFIES. Jan Willem says: “I looked at nature without copying it directly. I gave my imagination free rein and started sketching. All LEAFIES have been given a girl's name that ends with an a, with a nod to flowers.” The product turns out to be a bull's eye. Especially at a time when people cannot meet each other physically, sending and receiving happiness through the letterbox is a solution. It is an original and accessible way to encourage someone and support them from a distance.

About the designer

Jan Willem designs a wide variety of products for various labels and brands. From designer stool and armchair to bookshelf and lighting, as a product designer he strives for an accessible design with its own identity; “a friend to everyone with character”. Jan Willem: “I think the best thing about product design is making someone happy with what once started as a thought in your head; from an idea to a chair or table where people live and where memories are created.” The idea for LEAFIES arose during the first lockdown. The idea has now been released in 6 designs and people are made happy every day with a stylish leaf on their doormat.


With LEAFIES, Jan Willem van Elten has found an accessible way to let someone know remotely that you are thinking of him/her. It doesn't matter whether it is to congratulate your sister, wish your colleague good luck or thank your mother. With LEAFIES you make a sweet gesture and create a lasting memory. With 6 different types, there is a suitable design for everyone. Each LEAFIES is available in the following colours: bronze, rust and green. Once you have selected the magazine, you can add a card to make it even more personal. There are also sturdy kraft paper pots with filling material for sale, so you can transform the LEAFIES into a stylish eye-catcher.


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