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flavorites: Say it with Leafies

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Flowers love people

At Flavourites, we really love flowers and plants. Real flowers and plants, that is, because: good for the mood, air purifying and very decorative. Also super fun to give and receive as a gift. But recently an artificial flower has also been displayed in our interior. What's going on?

Leafies bij Flavourites thuis
Leafies at Flavourites' home

A while ago we received a great tip about a new and innovative product, namely metal flowers that you can send as a letterbox gift. Sounded interesting , so we wanted to know more about that! It turned out to be Leafies and indeed, they are botanical shapes made of very thin metal. Really beautiful and completely on trend.

Lilia, Viola en Dalia
Lilia, Viola and Dalia

Designer Jan Willem was looking for a new way to send flowers to someone who could use a heartfelt encouragement or something sweet, but which at the same time is permanent and fits through the letterbox. So that became the Leafies . Six different leaves with dreamy names such as Dalia, Viola and Lona, which you can order in three different colors (green, rust and bronze). Although the Leafies are not an exact copy of flowers, you can clearly see that they are an - albeit abstract - botanical form. You can also bend the thin but strong metal a little to make the shape even more organic and natural.

Past perfect door de brievenbus
Fits perfectly through the letterbox

Leafies completely fit into the current zeitgeist. Because we can see each other much less, it is nice that there are such nice letterbox gifts. We have already sent a lot of chocolate, flowers and fudge to loved ones we miss and to friends who could use a little love and some extra attention. These metal flowers are a good example of fun things you can send by post that will really surprise you. After all, how nice is it to see a pot with a flower or plant emerge from a flat package! Because yes, that jar can also be sent by post. It is a foldable paperbag. Looks like leather, but is made of durable and impregnated material (so it won't leak if you accidentally water the Leafie). To make it even easier for yourself, you can also order a bag of filling sand, so that your Leafie can stand proudly upright. You can of course also add potting soil for an even more natural effect.

Lona, Lela, Flora
Lona, Lela, Flora

Also a nice idea: hang the Leafie on a thin wire. There is a handy loop at the bottom of the stem. We think the Leafies are a real asset to the letterbox gift range and to our interior. So are you looking for a nice gift that will be sent by post to a birthday boy/girl, someone who is pregnant, a loved one you miss or someone who needs encouragement and a little extra attention? Then Leafies is your new favorite. From the letterbox on a side table, on the windowsill, on the desk or on a wire in front of the window to enjoy this sweet gift at any time of the day.

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