Just like that

- always -

LEAFIES voor wie je lief is. brievenbus attentie

- Just -

Because you are sweet!

Because I miss you.

Speak far too little.

So happy with you.

That I wanted to say...

Your sweet words.

You are always there for me.

You really deserve this.

Just because.

and a hundred more reasons for a ticket

"You are always in my thoughts."

"For a year full of happy days!"

“Congratulations on this great achievement!”

“Love is… having you in my life.”

"A year full of love and adventures."

"Thank you for your unconditional friendship."

“In hard times, here's a smile for you.”

"You stole my heart."

"Celebrate love on Valentine's Day!"

“Making memories with you is my greatest treasure.”

"For the sweetest mother in the world."

“Health and happiness to you!”

"A father like you is worth gold."

"Proud of you, my star!"

"Thank you for your kindness."

"On holiday, but thinking of you!"

“Let love blossom on this day.”

"You can achieve anything!"

"Distance cannot break our friendship."

"A year full of loving encounters."

"Together we are strong."

"New opportunities, new victories!"

"Just because you're special."

“I care about your well-being.”

"Long time not spoken, but never forgotten."

"Your listening ear is worth gold."

"Celebrate life together!"

"A new milestone in your journey."

“I always appreciate you.”

“Laughter with you is the best medicine.”

"For your loved ones, think of them."

"A new home, a new beginning."

“Grateful for your presence.”

“Congratulations on your love!”

"Growing together, blossoming together."

"Moving to new adventures!"

“Grateful to have you in my life.”

"Support in difficult times."

"Our friendship continues to grow."

"A new friend for life."

“Your friendship means everything.”

"For your new passion and hobby!"

"For the expectant parents!"

“Good decisions bring great opportunities.”

"Dream and achieve goals together."

"Positive energy, always with you."

"On an adventure with the best companion."

"Always there for each other."

"Happy with your friendship."

"Admiration for who you are."

"To cherish your feelings."

"Your advice is invaluable."

“To value your opinion.”

“You inspire me every day.”

"Sharing new experiences together."

"Always a listening ear, always a friend."

"Our beautiful memories together."

“With you, anything is possible.”

"To celebrate your perseverance."

“Sincerity in every step you take.”

“To embrace your happiness.”

"Always caring and loving."

"Laughing together, always and everywhere."

"Understanding and support, always ready."

“Appreciate every moment together.”

“You always bring a smile to my face.”

"To celebrate your well-being."

"Positive vibes, always with you."

"Making beautiful memories together."

"A source of support in every situation."

"Growing together, learning together."

"Make time for each other, always."

"To celebrate your happiness."

"Always compassionate, always involved."

"To embrace your dreams."

"A good friend like you is rare."

"Grateful for your friendship."

"Laughing together, always and everywhere."

"Going on an adventure with you is fantastic."

"A valuable addition to my life."

“Grateful that you came into my life.”

"Your sincerity always touches me."

"Happy with your presence."

“You always make my days better.”

“To cherish your well-being.”

"Valuable advice, always at hand."

"Growing and flourishing together in life."

"Always reliable, always trustworthy."

“To embrace your joy.”

"Growing and evolving together."

“Your feelings are important to me.”

"An honest friend like you is rare."

“To cherish your well-being.”

“Always be ready, no matter what.”

"Celebrating our beautiful moments together."

"A listening ear, always available."

“Grateful for your presence in my life.”

"Always thinking along with you, always working together."

"Proud of you and everything you do."

"Just because you're so special!"

Who deserves some extra love?