Blog: Een Leaf gebaar @Furnlovers

Blog: A Leaf gesture @Furnlovers

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Sometimes you want to do something for someone else to help and/or cheer them up, but you don't really know what you can do?

I recently came into contact with Leafies. The leafies are inspired by the organic shapes of plants, made of thin metal and in different colors. The lightweight material and limited size make it possible to send the leafies in a letterbox package. It's just like giving a plant or flower, but different! A unique gift, for every occasion. Passed, birthday, thank you, a heart under the belt or just as a little something. And with a small message on one of the cheerful cards you can make it really personal.

Who do you miss or deserves some extra attention?

Lately it has not been so obvious to visit each other. Maybe you haven't seen your grandparents for a long time? Or that one friend who never gets around to it. Still, we would like to let you know that we are thinking of them. That's why it's nice if you can send them something so they know you're thinking of them and that you miss them! Leafies can simply go through the letterbox, so you don't have to be at home for the postman and it is a real surprise when the package arrives on your doorstep.

A plant, but permanent!

The gesture of a flower, but slightly different. They last a lifetime and do fine without a drop of water. So easy and endless! Every time you look at this plant you think back to those sweet words. A lasting symbol for your love and friendship.

The leafies really come to life when you subtly fold and bend the leaves, creating a unique organic shape in an instant. You can put them down, hang them up or place several in a group. Fill a pot with sand and stick the leaf in it or combine it with a real plant. You can order the leafies separately in the webshop and have them shipped, but there is also the option to order a gift set. In addition to a leafie, this set also contains a kraft paper bag and filling sand. This way you can have a nice styling object on the windowsill straight from the letterbox in no time. Complete in one go. So easy. The whole has a beautiful appearance and fits with any interior! Because it is not very large, it does not take up much space, making it easy to place in your home. The leaves are produced locally, so sustainable Dutch Design!

If you're not great with plants, then this is perfect for you! Or would you rather give it to someone as a gift? Let us know! 😉

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