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Dalia - Single

Dalia - Single

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All six LEAFIES designs are inspired by the natural shapes of plants and made of thin metal. Dalia is the most opulent of the family.

Jan Willem about the origins: “ I looked at nature, without copying it directly. I gave my imagination free rein and started sketching. All LEAFIES have been given a girl's name that ends with an a, with a nod to flowers.

The thin metal leaves are easy to fold by hand into unique organic shapes.

Each LEAFIES can be ordered in three colors: bronze, rust and green.
The leaves are
produced locally, so sustainable Dutch Design.

You can put them down, hang them up or place several in a group.

In addition to the individual LEAFIES, it is possible
to order a gift set .


Color: Bronze, Rust, Green
Large: 290x130x0.7 mm

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